Kingsford Analysis Essay

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Phong Trinh
IBM 421
Professor Assumma
June 11, 2015

Kingsford Charcoal Case Study Analysis
Executive Summary
In this case study, we will be analyzing the current position of how well Kingsford is within the marketplace and determine which of the issues are plausible causes in its drop in revenue. We will be creating a comprehensive strategy as well as a marketing plan to evaluate and adjust the matter at hand. First we will begin with identifying the issues and implementing a method to reemphasize the importance of marketing in the business. The goal is to create a marketing plan that will add value to Kingsford’s market share, sales, and profitability. It is evident that Kingsford is a superior product to its competitors such as Royal
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In order for Kingsford to reestablish their brand and facilitate more interest in charcoal grilling they must reintroduce it as a more ideal method of grilling.
To begin with, the company can create strategic promotions to increase the sales of Kingsford charcoal. Kingsford would have to develop a campaign that was oriented around family values, friendships, and leisure time, generally to stimulate more sales during any events that calls for a barbeque. They can push their promotions through collaborating with grill manufacturers to offer value deals to consumers who purchase the biggest bag of charcoal and in return they would acquire a standard charcoal grill for free. This concept will improve the sales of charcoal because it fosters a model very similar to Gillette, “give away a razor, and sell the blades.” This is an effective way for consumers to switch over to charcoal because they now own a charcoal grill. Kingsford can also team up with retailers that sell meat to host small sample stations that offer both charcoal and gas grilled meat. This is a tasting test that will show consumers which method of grilling taste better, obviously, the smoky flavor of an original barbeque.
A second alternative Kingsford can take on is to increase overall advertising. Initially, Kingsford had only invested a total of 1 million in advertising budget and was ideally the only charcoal company that even spent on advertising yet was considered a top seller.

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