Essay on Kingdom vs the Country

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Kingdom vs The Country
William Shakespeare and Jane Smiley, authors of King Lear and A Thousand Acres, focus on the setting throughout the two novels to help readers interpret the meaning of what they were wanting to get across. They add simple details such as a storm or the location with the help of symbolism, tone, and diction. Symbolism shows up a lot in literature. It is hidden behind words, to give off hidden meanings that the author implies but doesn’t come out and tell you. On page 76 in A Thousand Acres, a game of monopoly is played. The tokens that the characters choose, represent who they are. The monopoly game shows what is happening at the time, two daughters, Ginny and Rose have property, while Caroline was
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Using the words “vicious blot” together makes the tone dark, and the way he uses them makes the diction formal. In A Thousand Acres, the tone is similar and is dark and depressing. Larry, the father, has many dark secrets hidden inside of him. From raping his children at a young age, to taking back the land that he had given them and turning into a crazy, distracted man. The dark tone can also be seen in the description of their mother’s death, which occurred early in their childhoods. On page 291, Ginny is in the “cafeteria” for lunch when a few teachers began to look for her to tell her the news of her mother’s death. Ginny’s home has forever been an uncomfortable place since her mother’s death, and the happiness of the family has been fading to nothing ever since. At her time of need Ginny decided to visit the “quarry” where “it gave you a moment’s pause” and time for her to think things out. Ginny finds the water as calming and on page 246, she describes the water and says it is “blue and sparkling on a sunny day”. This description has symbolism, tone, and diction embedded into it. The color blue is descriptive of the water, but the diction in using the word blue also helps to describe the way Ginny is feeling at this part of the book. She has conflicted feelings and is not sure how to deal with her current

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