King 's Reversal Of Fate Essay

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King Oedipus is a greek tragedy written by Socrates in the Fifth Century BC. It is based on the myth of Oedipus, which was well known among the intended audience. The most notable aspect of the play is Oedipus’s reversal of fate. He begins the play as a king who has won the throne through an act of heroism, and is thought of as the best of men due to his superior intellect.
King Oedipus opens with the people asking for him to deal with the pollution that has covered the city. This pollution has caused crops to die, women to give birth to stillborns, and a plague. King Oedipus reassures the citizens with the news that he is aware of the pollution and that he has sent his brother-in-law, Creon, to ask the oracle how to remove it. Just as Oedipus says this, Creon appears and tells Oedipus and the citizens the oracle’s words. He says that the people who murdered the previous ruler, King Laios, have been living in and polluting the city. If the pollution is to end, the murderers must be punished. With this, Creon begins to tell the known details of Laios’s death, which were originally told by the sole survivor. Laios was travelling when his caravan met a group of thieves, who killed all except the man who ran away. Oedipus then promises that he will investigate Laios’s death and exits. The aged men of Thebes sing parados and pray to the gods asking them to rid Thebes of this pollution.
Episode One begins when Oedipus tells the city that they should turn in the killer if he is…

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