Essay on King Reccared 's Political Aspirations

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King Reccared’s Political Aspirations

The Third Council of Toledo is a decree composed of canons King Reccared had developed in 589 AD following his conversion from the Arian form of Christianity to Catholicism. He intended for the bishops that attended this council to implement, standardize, and enforce the principles set forth by the canons in order to unify the kingdom’s religious practice. Through the enforcement and widespread adoption of these canons and unification of the kingdom’s religious beliefs King Reccared aspired to gain greater political power with the help of persuasion, appeal, and fear.
King Reccared gathered the council seeking the bishops’ approval of the canons he wanted adopted throughout his kingdom. The bishops role within the kingdom was to enforce all decrees created by the King. Therefore, inviting the bishops to establish these canons with him at this council was the equivalent of the King informing the bishops that they were to approve of the enactment of the decrees, while at the same time having them believe they were involved in the creation of the canons they would enforce. The King “joined himself to the oration of the bishops of God” to let them know that “God has given them charge of the kingdom” (pg. 50). This shows that although the King could have merely told the bishops what it was that he wanted them to do, he would rather persuade them into agreement with what he believed was best for the people. On account of this statement, the…

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