Protestant Vs English Reformation Essay

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The Protestant and English reformation were both reforms that took place in the 16th century against the Roman Catholic Church. Comparatively these reformations are alike and different in some sense. For example, both of these reforms were led by two leaders and went against the church’s beliefs for different purposes. King Henry VIII went against the church for personal reasons, whilst Martin Luther did so because the church could not offer him salvation amongst other reasons. Martin Luther was once a law student before becoming a monk. One day a sudden storm blew up, lightning struck him to the ground, and in a panic, he cried. “Help me, Saint Anne! I’ll become a monk.” He Survived and in the next two weeks, he withdrew from the university, Entered an Augustinian …show more content…
Henry the 8th was in fact once a good Catholic. Henry wrote a tract against Martin Luther named, “the defense of the seven sacraments”. He wrote this to dispute Luther's claim that there were not 7 seven sacraments but only three. Henry went against this theory and was praised by the Catholic church. then got the title “ Defender of the Faith”. Henry is tied in by marriage to the most powerful family in Europe. the only issue is that his wife, Catherine of Aragon is not giving him a son. As far as Henry knew at the time, that was all her fault. Catherine, in fact, gave Henry almost 6 pregnancies and only one of them survived. Which was mary who later when on to become the Queen of England? As far as Henry was concerned, the English have never elected a female ruler. He then thought his dynasty was in trouble. So, what Henry wants is an annulment. He then goes to the pope and asks him to annul the marriage. The Pope refuses to annul the marriage. Henry then calls parliament together and then issues the Act Of Supremacy In 1534. What this is going to do is declare Henry, the Supreme Head of the Church of

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