King Leopold 's Greedy Fall Essay

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King Leopold’s Greedy Fall As King Leopold came to power of the Belgian throne, he had much more in mind than ruling only Belgium. Even though Belgium was already under his restricting rule, he was nowhere near reaching his point of satisfaction. Leopold needed another country to gain personal wealth and power from and intended extracting valuable resources form the Congo Free State. This only begins to explain Leopold’s greed and terror and how he would have to be forcefully removed from power by the many courageous groups of individuals. During this reign of tyranny and terror, missionaries and human rights advocates were exposed to the horrors of this atrocity face to face, and they knew they had to do something about it. But before these groups were able come together, the Congo Free State went through twenty-three years of terror. When King Leopold came to power in Belgium, he had not felt successful and only wanted more for himself, which included the craving for more power. According to King Leopold’s Ghost author, Adam Hochschild, “His drive for colonies, however, was shaped by a desire not only for money but for power”(Hochschild, 39). From childhood on, Leopold was compared to everyone, and in his mind he had to come out on top. In this quest for power he began by sending an explorer to the Free State Congo and came to discover the area had significant recourses. With the resources the Congo Free State possessed, King Leopold believed that he would not have a…

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