King Lear And King Thhrushbeard Analysis

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The two works King Lear, by William Shakespeare, and King Thrushbeard, by the Brothers Grimm, seem like two opposite stories when first thought of, however, it 's quite the contrary. While they still have their differences, both are more similar than different. King Lear and King Thrushbeard can be compared when looking at theme, genre, and main characters in the stories.
Both stories are a coming to awareness story, and are told in third person omniscient. The main characters in the story both learned through minor stages, improving when reaching each one, and had a final epiphany towards the end of the story. King Lear slowly recognizes his mistake, and eventually explains to Cordelia that he is remorseful for what he had done. The princess
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The genres of the two stories are nothing like each other. King Lear is a tragedy, written as a play, while King Thrushbeard is a fantasy story, and relatively easier and shorter the King Lear. Being a tragedy, King Lear gets crueler and sadder as the story progresses, which leads to almost everyone dying or being murdered. King Thrushbeard on the other hand, contains no violence, or destruction, but might merely cause a sense of pity in the reader. King Lear contains more complex traits regarding characters, plot and meaning, while King Thrushbeard is made in a way to be simple, didactic, and have a straightforward meaning. For instance, in King Lear, there are many characters, and they all have a complex personality. King Lear seems to have dementia, yet is still making sense of the world around him. Shakespeare also adds hidden, and deeper meaning with each main idea. The reverse is true concerning King Thrushbeard. Three characters can be considered meaningful to the story, the princess, King Thrushbeard, and the beggar man, and they represent only one trait. For example, the beggar man is the teacher, while the princess symbolizes pride. The brothers Grimm are also direct with respect to conveying meaning, and character thoughts. Another important subject to notice is how with the complexity in King Lear, there are names, and traits given to every character, while in King Thrushbeard, the names are generic: the princess, the king, the beggar man. With a longer, more complex story, comes multiple plots. In King Lear we notice the scenes shift from King Lear 's "story", to Goneril and Regan, and to Edmund and Edgar, while in King Thrushbeard the story is the story of the princess and no one else, which is why it 's straightforward. The factors that create the contrast between the two stories is why one story has a slow, gradual pace, King Lear, and the other has

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