Essay about King Lear And Earl Of Gloucester

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William Shakespeare’s King Lear is widely recognized as one of his most famous and well-written tragedy play. King Lear consists of two different plots and two different protagonists; King Lear and Earl of Gloucester, and this parallel structure enhances the theme of the play. The two plots definitely share similar elements of motif and theme, and the similarities between the two characters are clearly evident throughout the play. King Lear and Earl of Gloucester are both powerful men, but despite their ultimate power, there is something even their power cannot have control of; the inevitableness of aging. As King Lear and Earl of Gloucester reaches towards their later years of lives, they begin to prepare for their retirement, which involves inheriting their wealth and authority to their children. Unfortunately, either King Lear nor Earl of Gloucester gets to spend their last bit of life full of happiness and joy as they expected, but in fact, they are challenged with the worst situations they ever had to encounter in their lives. All of the worst things that can possibly happen to a family such as betrayal, breaking of trust, slandering and scheming, and even murder all happens to King Lear and Earl of Gloucester. However as the play continues, the tragedies that King Lear and Earl of Gloucester suffer are justified, when it becomes clear that these tragedies are the ultimate paths that lead them closer to the truth of reality and life. In King Lear, Shakespeare…

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