King Jewels: Leadership in Practice Essay

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Assignment # 4
King Jewels Ethical Leadership in Practice

Mark A. Cowan

ACC 499
Strayer University
Senior Capstone-Accounting
Dr. Monica Pendergrass

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss the Hong Kong company of KingJewels. Their ethical leadership in practice will be discussed at length. The author will attempt to discuss the leadership style and how it contributed to unethical behavior, proper segregation of duties may have prevented the fraud, the company’s compensation program that probably contributed to the fraud, how culture may have influenced the behavior towards revealing the fraud, and recommendations of how Mai Won should proceed. To understand the company KingJewels, let us discuss a
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Now someone had found out and the Board of Directors called an emergency meeting to try to repair the situation with minimal publicity in the interest of the stockholders and the company’s public image. Wong managed to overcome many startup worries and gave bankers the idea that the company would prosper. “Wong believed a good vision and direction were critical leadership qualities. As he always said, ‘You do not achieve commitment to, or an understanding of, a company’s vision and mission without actively pursuing and practicing it at every opportunity.’ This was a hands-on leadership style that motivated staff. Since late 2003, he had spent most of his time traveling to the U.S. and Canada, and taking care of business development and marketing. Being an ambitious man, he set a clear mission for himself to turn KingJewels into “the best jewelry maker in the region.” (Capstone p. 101) While Mr. Wong traveled abroad he turned the business inner working over to his subordinates Clement Tam, his right-hand-man and close friend, Tam Wai Man, chartered accountant from the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Chan Ming, the head of business services and lastly Jonathon Ho head of production and gem authentication in mainland China. Ho was known for his efficiency and decisiveness and occasionally criticized by his staff for having a rather dictatorial leadership style and for making decisions

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