King Henry Vi's Plantagenets Analysis

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The Plantagenets was a powerful family that ruled England for more than three centuries, from 1154 to 1485. During the 15th and 16th centuries, periods of violence and upheaval shook England. The death of Edward III caused the descendants of the two main houses of the Plantagenet families—York and Lancaster—to fight for their right to the throne, causing the War of the Roses to erupt (Miller, 2003). This time period, before the war began, England inherited the King Henry VI, whose reign was soft and pious. He had no idea how to rule a turbulent and unstable country. His reign sparked the start of the war and even though his counsellors tried to keep the violence under bay, Henry lacked the strong leadership skills that a king …show more content…
Henry didn’t want to be King (Miller, 2003). He inherited the throne after Henry V, and when he grew older, he took on a more religious attitude, and concerned himself with education, founding several learning centres (Miller, 2003). He was the first king to have been crowned King of England and of France because of the reign his father had before him, and therefore had great expectations for his reign (Jones, 2014, p. 133). He was a kind man, gentle in all his ways, and was extremely loyal. However, it seems that the older he became, the blander he became. He was reluctant to make firm decisions, could not face war or violence, was a terrible leader, and was even squeamish about human flesh (Jones, 2014, p. 138). Henry could not make firm decisions so he could not successfully come to a decision with the forceful Council, who needed a king who could see both sides to the situation. He could not recognize when men had ulterior motives and since this was the Middle Ages, most men were working within their own devices (Miller, 2003). Worst of all, he was easily influenced by others and did not have a strong set of views that he could stand for. It was obvious that Henry was not a king who could successfully lead England, in fact, his simple personality was one of the key factors in the War of the Roses, as his unsuccessful reign tipped off a lot of other terrible

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