King Henry Iv Part 1 Essays

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Powerful individuals represent themselves in manipulative ways, to create political situations that benefit them. King Henry IV Part 1, a history play by Shakespeare typifies this idea. Context has had an influential role in how shakespeare uses dramatic techniques to shape the characterisation of King Henry, Hal and Hotspur. The desired political situations manufactured by individuals in Henry IV Part 1 all stem from power, personal greed and pride.

Those who seek power and obtain it through unjust means often develop paranoia, which leads them to manipulate political situations in order to maintain that power. This idea is conveyed in act 1 scene 3 when Hotspur talks to King Henry about Mortimers capture. Shakespeare represents King Henry as a paranoid individual through the intimidating tone in ”Accordingly you tread upon my patience.But be sure/ I will henceforth rather be myself,/ Might and to be feared” This shows the audience that King Henry is using his power and intimidation to manipulate Hotspur so he does not rescue Mortimer. This is the case as King Henry is fearful that upon Mortimers return he will be usurped from the throne. Through Shakespeare representation of King Henry’s fear of usurpation, shakespeare argues that Elizabeth was an illegitimate Queen because her mother had divorced from King Henry VIII.
This is similarly show in act 1 scene 1 when King Henry is talking to his followers. Shakespeare illustrates King Henry’s developing anxiety through the…

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