Essay on King David in the Old Testment

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Character of David in Old Testament
1. David as Reader: David’s Understanding and interpreting 2. David and God: Who is David?
Summary of the Journals David is considered as a reader by the author of this journal because the journal evaluates understanding of people in relation to David’s character. The journal also evaluates the importance of David’s character as a reader and how the text is crucial in the investigation of David’s qualities in reading. The author also describes David as an image of a reader because the biblical stories illustrate this aspect in the book of Samuel. The journal describes David characters in the books of Samuel as literary texts because they evaluate their meaning hence raising
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The journal tries to explain the answer on that is posed on who David is. According to the journal, the writer’s answer is critical but at long last he comes to explain it clearly who David is. He starts by explaining David as superior and most loved by God. However, he criticizes him of being an adulterer although a talented musician in Israel. Moreover, the writer describes David as a man who Israel difficult to describe in character due to his mixed deeds in Israel. He continues to describe David as a man who commits sins highly before God, but the latter is able to change and learn from the past mistake to point of being a king (Hugh). The writer continues to argue that David is a person who is highly prone to sins but on the other hand, admits sinning and repents his sins. He further narrates that David highly contrasts the words of God to a point of claiming that the census conducted is a command from the devil. However, the writer tables it that David commits these sins in an attempt to fulfill the wishes of God. Therefore, this shows why he is most liked by God regardless of the wrongs he commits. He further explains that the character of David as a person who likes confession on sins he commits by ascertaining them and confessing to be a sinner unlike others in the book. This shows the reason why God loves him most regales of his constant sinning (Hugh).
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