Essay on King David Of The Old Testament

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King David understood the value of regular and faithful prayer to God. He realized that practicing this would keep his relationship with his Heavenly Father strong. New Testament believers have been afforded the luxury of being able to live according to Jesus’ example. Unlike King David of the Old Testament, New Testament believers have encouragement from both fellow believers in Christ and from Christ himself. The apostles showed in the book of Acts that they felt a healthy prayer life would strengthen the New Testament believers’ relationship of faith in the God whom the apostles were preaching. “Persistent prayer is needed in order to maintain a healthy faith. This idea should work two ways; faith prompts prayer, while prayer strengthens faith.” In his gospel and the book of Acts, Luke makes it clear that God encourages believers to pray in order that they strengthen their relationships of faith with him.
God wants a believer to pray to him in order that he strengthens his own relationship of faith with God. Of what, then, does faith consist? The following sections of this paper will suggest that faith consists of three basic principles: trust, confidence, and persistence.
“What gracious kindness the Lord reveals to us in prayer! Oh, if we at all times were mindful of God’s glorious promises to bless prayer, there would be absolutely no need to admonish, to cajole, to exhort, to encourage to prayer.” Trust is a necessary component of a Christ-centered prayer. In a way,…

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