King David Compare And Contrast

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“The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others.” ~ Author unknown. All leaders wrestle with advice being given to them, State leaders especially because they are put in a public stage. A wise response to Advice given makes a leader a comic hero, whereas if he responds foolishly, the leader is a tragic hero. A comic hero should be able to listen to God even when things aren’t going good, the tragic hero stumbles on his own decisions. The two heroes of 1 Samuel, tragic king Saul and the comic king David, both have to be a leader to their people and follow Gods instructions, which they both handle differently. For instance, David shows he is a comic hero by thinking of others before himself and doing whatever he can to help his people and benefit them in any way. When David’s men want to destroy Saul while he is sleeping, he told them not to because he is “the Lords anointed”, then Saul awoke and realized what David had done, so he said to him “Blessed be you, my son David” (1 Samuel 26:9, 25). David could have killed Saul because of all the times he had been wronged, but he didn’t because he was listening to God and since Saul is anointed, David is not allowed to harm him. He could have been selfish and killed him for his own good, but he is thinking of his people and how no good would come out of it, so …show more content…
Saul “set up a monument for himself” by trusting in his own decisions instead of listening to what God wanted him to do, while David “was greatly distressed…but…strengthened himself in the Lord his God”. (1 Samuel 15:12, 30:6) All leaders have to make choices whether they are foolish, lazy, hardworking or disciplined. The choices that leaders make affect other people so they are put under more pressure which could make them think wrong about a decision. The different decisions that both leaders make reflect on the type of hero they

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