Kindred Is A Scientific Fiction Story That Incorporates Time Travel From The 1970 ' S

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Kindred is a scientific fiction story that incorporates time travel from the 1970’s all the way back to one of America’s ugliest times, 1815 where slavery ruled the south. Dana, an African America who is from the present, can time travel during times of death for Rufus, the planation slave owner. Rufus and Dana have a very complex relationship that can be friendly and also, at times, terrifying. Rufus shows a lot of this indifference in his own character and judgment, throughout the book he can be seen filled with love and compassion or full of hate and anger. Although many might see Rufus as an unusual slave owner having sexual relationships with his very own slave as loving and romantic, it’s truly not a romantic experience. Slaves were often forced to experience in sexual favors with their master (US History). Though it seems that Rufus is caring and compassionate in Kindred he really is not, as he has many commonalties with slave owners of his time. Rufus is very similar to slave owners by the way he treats and acts with his slaves from punishing and threating them to having children with a slave, many of Rufus ' actions were not unheard of or unique. Many slave owners conducted themselves with slaves in a very similar manner. Slaveholders punished slaves via whipping, shackling, hanging, beating, burning, mutilation, branding, and imprisonment (Boundless). Slave women were often subject to rape and sexual abuse (Boundless). It was also very common for slave…

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