`` Kindred, By Octavia Butler Essays

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Growing up, we had to take around fifteen years of history classes, teaching us of the past and what our ancestors did. Did you ever think they not only taught us those things so we’d have bar trivia knowledge, but also as a warning? Unlike textbook readings of the past, where you have to wonder what it must’ve been like, Octavia Butler makes the readers of Kindred to actually place themselves in the 1800s, making them emphasize with Dana-our time traveling heroin-and the other slaves. Reading Kindred, one has to wonder, has anything really changed? There is still horrible cases of racism and prejudice in the United States, more than 300 years later. Is that due to power and control? Even though we just had our first African American president, there are still members of the KKK running around. The sad thing is, equality and power are still issues we face today. According to the dictionary, power is defined as “the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.” One of the main factors of having power is fear. If you can scare people into following you, you can be the most powerful person. Just look at Hitler. He scared his followers into believing horrible things about Jews, gypsies, and gays, and his followers then set out to kill them. Power is something that since the beginning of time, man has tried to have complete control over. It not only meant status, but it could also mean wealth and nobility. There was always the test to…

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