Personal Narrative: The Virtue Of Kindness

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Kindness, in my opinion, is a virtue, a virtue not everybody has, the ability to be compassionate requires for the person to be in total control of his mood and desires, it facilitates relationships between humans, and when kindness it’s present everything becomes pleasant, smiles float around, warm feelings and faith in humanity are restored again, random acts of kindness are not so common, but I can assure that their rareness is what makes them so especial, in particular when the act is received from a total stranger the value of the act is multiplied in our minds. I would never forget the day in which a woman showed me that there is still light on cold winter nights, that not everyone is cold and unmoved, and that sometimes kindness doesn’t come to be a personal gain, but an unselfish act from one human to another. …show more content…
taking her boots off and caressing our dog, she looked at us her eyes relaxed and smiled the way she does, radiant and loving, I love my mom’s smile, she handed me her last year coat, still wet from the light snow falling outside, her boots, hats and that hideous pus-colored gloves I refused to use, I took the wet boots and heavy winter coat to a hanger rack in the living room, the house still smelled of pine and bleach as mom made her way from the kitchen to her room making comments about her day, our home was cold and dark that winter, we lived in an aged New England-styled apartment house heated with oil instead of gas, it was an expensive inconvenience and instead we used an electric heater and keep it one room with closed

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