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BEBE Seduction:
Relayed through Jib Fowles’ “Fifteen basic appeals” in Advertising
In the world we live in today advertising has all but consumed us as Americans. An essay entitled “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals “by Jib Fowles explains how advertisements affect and influence us daily in society. He explains how marketers through advertisements play on your needs, emotional feelings and sometimes desires to draw consumer to their brands. Fowles discusses fifteen main appeals that marketers use in ads and commercials in hopes we will purchase their product. In the October issue of Glamour Magazine there’s an ad promoting the brand BEBE. In this ad it has a timeline of a woman getting ready to go out and enjoy her
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The woman in this ad is the main focus because she’s attractive but it’s the color among other things that make this picture visually pleasing. The second appeal of Fowles we see in this ad is the need for aesthetic sensations. In this need Fowles explains marketers want to make ads visually pleasing. Fowles explains that if the ad looks good, that to convey the message is relatively easier and better. The woman in this ad is exactly what Folwes speaks of starting with the picture in which she’s applying lip-stick. Notice the lipstick is red in total contrast with the black background. The woman’s skin tone is golden and yet still in total contrast of the background and lipstick. Her skin tone and lipstick complement each other thus giving us an aesthetic sensation.
In the second and third frame again Fowles’s appeals are illustrated perfectly. The model is emerging from a bright yellow cab in the second picture, her skin glowing with a pink fur. The three mentioned are the only loud colors in that frame of the ad collectively making the consumer pay closer attention giving us that aesthetic sensation. The writing on the page does not interfere with the aesthetic feel but carries us to the third frame by summing up the pictures with a passage. In the passage it begins 9pm to 5am and that’s where the second and third frame meets. The second frame begins at 9pm and the third frame ends at 5am.

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