Kim Kardashian Unfeminism Analysis

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The sixth thought is called “Kim Kardashian,” in which Dunham states, “I have no feminist issue with the Kardashians,” as well as “there’s no woman who I would denounce as unfeminist,” because she explains this would also be “unfeminist.” However, this is a utopic idea of what feminism is and what it should be, because it adheres to the gendered idea that women should be loving and welcoming, no matter the situation, which is ultimately counterproductive and not, feminist. Holding women accountable for their own expressions of “unfeminism,” microaggressions, prejudices, and policing, whether intentional or not, even as they relate to other social dynamics like race and class, is extremely important. This is in order to promote a diverse and …show more content…
Rather, “unfeminism” is when women are judged unfairly solely based on their gender as women. While Kim Kardashian undoubtedly possesses and exudes many feminist ideals as a woman who built a billion-dollar empire despite the constant public harassment she receives for having a sex tape, two kids, and defying beauty standards. Even as a self-identified nonfeminist, Kardashian nevertheless, has a history of problematic performances, such as culture appropriation, reinforcing heteronormativity, and policing other women’s choices, such as her own sisters. Unfortunately, the photo chosen of Kardashian to introduce this thought is merely one that emphasizes her physical beauty, rather than one that would feature her in one of her many roles as a successful businesswoman, in which her beauty and her capabilities would be expressed. However, this is a typical theme by Dunham who “is committed to filming feminist consciousness and women’s subjectivity as not reducible to but importantly determined by sexuality,” like in her show Girls (San Filippo, 2016,

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