`` Killings By Andre Dubus Essay

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The short story “Killings” by Andre Dubus gives an in-depth look into the values of a postmodern society, altering the way that people everywhere view violence and morals. This narrative describes a small wealthy town with an apparent love triangle between college student Frank Fowler, lower-class housewife Mary Ann, and her soon to be ex-husband Richard Strout. However, when the story is examined on a deeper level, it becomes clear that the lack of values has resulted in a moral blindness among not only the characters, but also in the state and legal system. It is this blindness that generates the perfect setting for multiple literal and figurative deaths. Throughout the story, the characteristics of a postmodern society let violence seep into communities as a result of the distorted eye.
Ultimately, it was the standards for behavior in a postmodern society that led to the heinous murder of Frank Fowler. Richard Strout, the most obvious player in Frank’s death, was a slacker and a violent person. He failed to complete school, and couldn’t hold a job. Nothing was ever expected of him and since he was from a wealthy family he was able to rely on money to get him out of trouble. This resulted in his belief that taking away a human life was an acceptable behavior for him. Every other character in the story also played a role in the death. This included Frank’s parents, Matt and Ruth Fowler. They knew that Mary Ann was still married in the eyes of the state; therefore, Mary Ann…

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