Killing Is The Wrong Thing Essay example

840 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
In this paper, I will argue that torturing terrorists is the wrong thing to do.
First argument that I would discuss about is that torturing a terrorist is wrong because those who we torture may end up being innocent. Suppose you have captured a man who is torture to gain information and found guilty and thrown to jail for many years and later found out that he is innocent. That means that you have committed a crime. You can’t be so sure if a victim is guilty. You cannot assume that the victim has information without the proof. You can’t really take any action without the evidence otherwise the person you tortured might end up becoming innocent. You have already made this man’s life miserable. His life is taken away. His identity has been broken. Even though he is free; He is not seen as innocent like before because people have looking at him as a criminal already. He won’t be able to face the society and people around him. It makes you a bad person.
Second argument, it’s wrong to hurt one person to save others. You can’t really torture one innocent to find out the information so that you can save the others. Suppose the bomb is planned and you have custody of the man who planned it, who may know the information, but may not know the information. If he doesn’t talk, does that mean we can torture him to find out the information out of him? How much? For weeks or for months? What if he didn’t know about the plot? Is it really ok to increase up the level of torture. You can’t…

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