Essay about Killing Is Bad For The Death

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“Everyone agrees that killing a fully developed person is normally wrong. And there is similar agreement that death is bad for the one who dies, though philosophers have been puzzled about how to explain this. But how is the wrongness of killing related to the badness of dying? The answer is that killing is wrong precisely because it inflicts the badness of death upon the victim. Or, to put it another way, killing is wrong because it harms the victim by causing all that is bad about death.” The topic of killing versus allowing a person to die is a major ethical debate when it comes to decisions made during the process of end of life of an individual. “End of life care is about the total care of a person with an advanced incurable illness and does not just equate with dying. The end of life care phase may last for weeks, months or years. End of Life Care is defined as care that helps those with advanced, progressive, incurable illness to live as well as possible until they die.” As a result, decisions about the medical treatment the patients receive while in end of life care create ethical issues for all involved. “Ethical dilemmas arise when there is a perceived conflicting duty to the patient. Decisions at the end of life are among the most frequently discussed issues in a clinical ethics committee.” There are several ethical issues regarding patient’s treatment at the end of life such as, the Sanctity of Life Doctrine, Respect for Autonomy, and the Doctrine of Double…

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