Essay Killing For Beauty : The Killing Of Beauty

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Killing for Beauty
Imagine spending your entire life as a hospital patient or prisoner. This only begins to describe the life of an animal in a laboratory. What happens to you can range from uncomfortable to agonizing to deadly, and you are helpless to defend yourself. Many people do not realize what really goes on in an animal experimentation laboratory. Every year in the U.S., over 25 million animals are used in experimentation, product testing, cosmetic testing, and science education (Bentham). Animals used include dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, pigs, sheep, monkeys, chimpanzees, and more. The majority of animals in labs are rats, mice, and birds. Animal experimentation is physically damaging, morally wrong, and not medically beneficial.
Animal experimentation is physically damaging. Inside laboratory walls what happens to the animals has no limit. Animals here have experiments done on them. Experiments include anything from testing new drugs, infecting with diseases, poisoning for toxicity testing, burning skin, causing brain damage, implanting electrodes into the brain, maiming, blinding, and other painful experiments. Some experiments may include long term isolation, electric shocks, not giving the animal food and water, or breeding and separating babies from their mothers. In toxicity testing, animals receive the test substance daily, seven days a week, for up to two years with no recovery times. Most animals die before the end of the study. Animals who survive the…

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