Killer Whales Essay

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Killer Whales: Abused & Mistreated While many people have experienced the majestic showcasing of trained orcas in public displays at recreational parks such as SeaWorld, few have heard of the tragic events that these killer whales go through while in captivity. It is ironic that such family oriented companies like SeaWorld, who pride themselves in giving families experiences that they will never forget, can just tear families of killer whales apart and abuse them while training them. And although these public displays of trained orcas seem extraordinary through the audience’s eyes, it is time that the untold stories of these whales and the true dangers of training whales comes out into light. Killer whales are the most intelligent …show more content…
But these divers discovered that even after they would release the rest of the whales, the adult orcas were so distraught that they would not even try to escape. Instead they circled around even closer to the boats and would make loud sounds of distress looking for their young ones, and that’s when the truth of what they were doing finally hit these divers. Many of the divers broke down into tears the moment they saw what was happening, and many of them even quit. In captivity, killer whales are often isolated, to ensure that these prized multi-hundred million dollars animals are not tampered with. It is also to ensure the safety of the multi-million dollar operation of the mass breeding of these killer whales. Because a single baby whale can be sold for hundreds of millions of dollars, killer whales are now being overbred, crossbred, and even inbred. Tilikum, the largest killer whale in captivity, has been the major sperm source of SeaWorld. After these whales have been bred, they are stripped apart from each other and sold to various companies across the world for entertainment purposes. But they are unable to communicate with each other or form social relationships as they would in the wild. Outside of captivity, killer whales choose their own mates, and the families stay together for life. SeaWorld’s marine mammals are often inbred, offspring of two mated members of the same

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