To Kill A Mockingbird Movie Analysis

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The movie "To Kill a Mockingbird," has made an impression on me, I think, the one that director meant to make on his viewer. The movie is based on the novel of Harper Lee “To Kill The Mockingbird”. The story is about honor and bravery, about the power without violence and cruelty, and true nobility. The main character - a lone father, who is an lawyer. He is example for his son and daughter. He is a lawyer who believes in justice; who is uncompromising and takes his job very responsible.
The story is narrated to us by the main character, a little girl named Jean Louise "Scout" Finch. She has an older brother, Jem, with whom she spends most of the time. Their father Atticus Finch, as I already mentioned, a lawyer, a widower. He loves his children and tries to grow sensible, right-thinking citizens. I really enjoyed watching their carefree life, games they played, and how they entertained themselves. They lived in a small town Maycomb in Alabama state. Almost nothing ever happened in this city, how out of a sudden a tragedy happened. A black
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Give freedom to a man is not as hard as to release his mind from prejudices. But in the real life if Afro-American person accused of a crime, everyone will find him guilty even if they understand that he is innocent. And the trial is a clear example of this. However till the very end we have a hope that the jury will find Tom not guilty. Because the jury deliberated for a long time, although usually it takes two minutes. However, we already know that everything didn’t happen the way we expected. "To Kill a Mockingbird" - one of the best movies about the mystery of America in 30s, about its inner cruel world, that looked very peaceful from the outside. The movie made me think about moral behavior, and about Atticus Finch, who is an example of the ideal man. How many people are out there, who is like

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