Essay about Kill A Mockingbird By William Shakespeare

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In chapter 20, Mr. Raymond asks the kids not to give away his secret, which was that he pretends to drink all the time because it gives other people an excuse when he does things they don’t like. Scout feels that how he acts isn’t right, Mr. Raymond says that other people will never realize that he lives the way he lives because he is happy that way. Scout asks why he’s told them his secret and he says it’s because they are kids and they know better than their elders. They go back to the courtroom where Jem fills her in on what had happened. Jem said that Atticus has just gone over the evidence and there is no way they can lose. Atticus is shown taking off his coat and untucking his clothes in the courtroom and it shocks the kids. He tries to convince the jury that this case shouldn’t have come to trial because there is little evidence that rape took place. Atticus goes on to cite Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote that all men are created equal. As he ends his speech, Atticus walks to his seat and Calpurnia bursts into the courtroom with news for Atticus.

In chapter 21, Calpurnia gives a note from Alexandra saying that the kids are missing. Mr. Underwood says that the children are in the balcony and they have been there since noon. Atticus tells the kids to go home with Calpurnia and then they could come back once they had dinner. Calpurnia yells at the kids on the way home, and Alexandra practically faints when she finds out where they have been. After eating dinner, the…

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