Essay on Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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A mockingbird is a powerless, innocent creatures who does nothing but sing its heart out. Killing one or even hurting one would be like hurting a helpless baby. Harper Lee uses the mockingbird as a symbol which signifies that everything is good and harmless in her novel To Kill a Mockingbird. This book takes place in Maycomb, a small racist town. The mockingbird is first mentioned when Atticus tells his kids how it is sinful to kill a mockingbird. Lee intelligently demonstrates innocence in characters such as Tom Robinson, Jem and Scout and also Arthur Radley. In using the mockingbird she creates a clever symbol that foreshadows when something is going to happen. And then she brings it one step further and involves the mockingbird in other miniature symbols, such as the last name Finch or the tree outside the Radley house. As the title shows us, mockingbirds are a very prominent part of the book. They show the reader how the theme of evil destroying the innocent is cleverly portrayed throughout the book. Even animals are worthy of sympathy and privacy therefore people should not be treated differently in Maycomb. Tom Robinson is a kind black man who finds himself, like a mockingbird, trapped, helpless and powerless when he is convicted for raping a white girl in a small racist town named Maycomb. This is a crime he has not committed and despite the fact that it is not proven and that it is clear that he is innocent, he finds himself, like a mockingbird, helpless when he is…

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