Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay

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In the novel To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, it shows many life lesson that are taking place. These lessons are still in mind and brought up when reading thru the novel. Not only does this novel express many life lessons, but as well as connect to personal experiences for myself. Throughout the three years that scout tells her story and the lesson her father teaches her I connected, and learned along with Scout. I know now I have learned and are seeing things in a new different way,something I thought was simply actually has a bigger meaning to it. Atticus teaches Scout the importance of tolerance,to have respect to a person 's privacy , and as well as displaying courage. All these lessons I have connected to and have learned from them for a better of myself.

One of the many moral lessons that Atticus teaches her daughter about is the importance of tolerance. Scout looking forward to go to school, but when she does she then realizes she does not like it. She began school and Miss.Caroline her teacher does not like the fact that scout already knows how to read and write, something that you usually do not see a first grade student do. Miss.Caroline says that “ [Atticus] taught [her] wrong, so [they] couldn’t ever read any more ever.”(39) but Miss.Caroline only said that and even punishing her for it because she did not know what to do with Scout, because she already knew how to read and write. Scout goes home and tells her father she does not want to go to school…

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