Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay

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William Haddad
Period 5
To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

To Kill A Mockingbird takes place in the summer of 1933 and spans across to where the book ends on Halloween of 1935 in Maycomb Alabama. In this story, I believe that Arthur Boo Radley is a perfect example of a Mockingbird figure. The reason behind this is because, Boo Radley like a mockingbird does no harm, (unless necessary like in the end of the book while saving Scout and Jem from being seriously injured or murdered which will be one of my reasons which I will go into more detail into later). Also, like stated in the book, “’s a sin to kill a Mockingbird.”,(Lee, Harper. To Kill A Mockingbird. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 1960. Print. Page 119.). Also, “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy… That’s why it’s a sin to kill a Mockingbird.”, (Lee, 119). In To Kill A Mockingbird, Boo does many good and nice things. Although the list goes on, here are 3 examples that I will go more into detail with. My first example is, Arthur Radley always gave the children gifts through a tree and never needed anything in return. Another reason I choose Boo as my Mockingbird figure is because, Boo was always helpful in a nice way, when Jem was younger, he ripped his pants on a fence, left, and came back to them just to find out that they were neatly stitched and folded waiting for him. And last but not least, as I mentioned before, Boo saved Scout and Jem’s lives at the end of…

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