Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a well-known novel written in the late 1950’s, set in the 30’s. At this point in history, it was the start of the Black Civil Rights Movement. This novel is about brother and sister, Jem and Scout Finch who live with their father, Atticus, in Maycomb County Alabama where their father is a lawyer. In the novel, Atticus defends a black man on the account of rape. This event is why the novel is significant to the time period. This novel, though, is about Jem and Scout’s coming of age, how they learn what true courage is and how you treat people can shape your life and define you forever.

In the beginning of the novel Jem is almost 12 and Scout is just starting school. During the summer their friend Dill comes to visit them in Maycomb. At the start, the trio are just children. They play and do childlike things. This is the start of a very tough, challenging year for the children.
One summer afternoon Jem and Scout go out to shoot some birds but they stop when they see a dog walking in a straight line, head down, frothed mouth. The kids called it a mad dog, but commonly known as rabid. Atticus comes out with a gun and shoots the dog, in one shot its dead. The children think their father is a hero, but he is unhappy that they saw him shot the dog. The chapter after is Jem’s birthday. As Jem and scout walk into town they are stopped by the calling out of an old woman, Mrs. Dubose. She calls “Your Daddy is a Nigger lover.” This upsets Jem…

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