Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay

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In the novel “To kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee one of the main characters has trouble stopping the racism in the Maycomb county. Thinking that people should be treated differently because of their race or gender is wrong and Atticus Finch - the hero of this novel - does his best to combat such racist attitudes. He takes up a challenging case, and the whole town seems to be affected. Also, it’s not just him that has to cope with the society’s disapproval but his children Scout and Jem too, who are young and still learning what courage, honour and integrity mean. Atticus tries his best to show to his children that prejudice is not right.

The story is set in the Southern United States in 1930s which is told through the eyes of Scout Finch that is Atticus’ daughter. Atticus, strives to prove the society that a black man named Tom Robinson who was accused of rape is innocent.

The beginning of the book contains Scout’s small adventures with Jem in Maycomb, her curiosity of the Radley’s place and her new friend Dill. As the book goes forward Atticus tries to explain to Scout that she can’t always do what she wants but to realise what others see when she does not behave: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view - until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”
Because she was so curious of Boo Radley, Atticus said that you need to understand someone first before you talk about them and the people in Maycomb have started…

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