Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee Essay

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Many changes occur when a book is made into a movie, this is due to having an appropriate length movie, cutting unrelated scenes, and simply having the plot be easily understood by the viewers. In To Kill a Mockingbird the director Robert Mulligan had to make cuts and changes from the book by Harper Lee. These cuts had to be made because some scenes were irrelevant to what Lee had been trying to get across, and Mulligan didn’t want to confuse or have the viewers get a different perspective on the theme. Changes that occurred were Atticus’ sister not arriving, Tom Robinson’s death, and the roly-poly scene.
In the novel Atticus’ sister Alexandra is invited by Atticus to come help give Scout a woman/mother figure in her life as she begins to develope into a woman. For instance in the novel when Aunt Alexandra had her missionary circle with Mrs. Merriweather, Miss Rachel, Miss Maudie, Miss Stephanie Crawford, Mrs. Gates, Mrs. Perkins, and Mrs. Farrow, Jean Louise was going to be shown how to be a lady. However she got questioned more than was taught how to act properly. For example, Aunt Alexandra says, “Stay with us, Jean Louise,” she said. This was a part of her campaign to teach me to be a lady” (TKAMB, P.229). Scout hesitantly stayed to listen but was later questioned by Miss Stephanie Crawford, “In the sudden silence that followed, Miss Stephanie Crawford Called from across the room, “Whatcha going to be when you grow up, Jean Louise? A lawyer?” “Nome, I hadn’t thought…

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