Essay on Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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When people are categorized as superior or inferior because of their skin tone it can become problematic. For example, in 1954 multiple states had laws to secure the divide between whites and blacks. They attended different schools, churches, and restrooms. Whites were seen as superior and were the first priority while blacks were poorly treated and uncared for. The different treatment of both races created tension. This connects to the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee because it provides an insight on racism. Atticus Finch, a respected lawyer and father is given a case to defend Tom Robinson, a black man. During the trial and events that occur after, his children, Jem and Scout, discover a new side of Maycomb that was not known before and are exposed to the unfairness that racism brings.After all those years, racism still plays a role in today’s society. On a school campus, African American student athletes deal with discrimination on a daily basis despite being in a sport and often feel deserted in classes. However, outside of the campuses is usually where they feel endangered because a black person is more likely than a white person to be arrested for no apparent reason. The two effects of racial discrimination include the loss of safeness and the divisiveness among whites and blacks. One negative effect of discrimination is that it destroys one’s sense of security. The guilty verdict forces Jem to realize that everything is not as it seems. This is…

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