Kill A Mocking Bird : Scout And Jem Finch 's Life Essay

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The characters lives in To Kill a Mocking Bird are filled with adventure since the moment the story begins, they end up experience new locations, explore the vast unknown and create entertainment to make the less adventurous days far more interesting. Scout and Jem Finch 's lives most certainly revolve around the two experiencing new locations. For example, in chapter two of To Kill a Mocking Bird, it is Scout 's first day of the first grade and she is beyond excited. Scout proclaimed "I never looked forward more to anything in my life." This shows how Scout is so ready to experience a new location. Scout has never been to school so this is her first time in a classroom like setting, nonetheless she is not aware of how you behave in a classroom or how you are supposed to speak to her peers and teachers. when the students are preparing to go to lunch on their first day of school, Miss Caroline, the students teacher, starts to walk around the classroom inspecting the students lunches until she arrives at the desk of, Walter Cunningham. "Did you forget your lunch this morning?" Miss Caroline asked. Walter Cunningham had indeed forgot his lunch, that is if he would have had a lunch to bring in the first place. As Scout describes to Miss Caroline, after she offers to loan Walter the money for him to buy lunch, that the Cunningham family does not take anything they cannot pay back, and he was well aware his family would not be able to return the money she gave Walter so he…

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