Kids Have Too Much Homework? Essay

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Kids Have Too Much Homework?
Corie Brandalise
Gateway Technical College

Kids Have Too Much Homework?
When looking at the history or culture of homework we need to look into a few beliefs that were started years ago about homework. First homework was thought as extending the role of school beyond the classroom, it was the belief of teachers that they could control their students in and out of the classroom by sending homework home. The second belief was thought that intellectual development was more important than social, emotional, or physical development, teachers did not trust the parents ' to use their children’s free time wisely, and homework would maintain structure. Belief number three dealt with responsibility, homework promoted responsibility and obedience, this of course back fires when children refuse and argue about how much homework they have or the fact that they have to do homework over playing outside. Number four deals with people thinking that the more homework the better the school, it is important to remember that more homework may not be harder or more challenging for the student it could just be busy work, of no educational value, because the school or teacher believes that the more practice the better. The final belief number five deals with good teachers give homework and bad teachers do not give homework, good students do homework and bad students do not do homework, this can be looked at many different ways, is the worst teacher really a…

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