Kids And Poetry Analysis

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Kids and Poetry - Unlocking their Creativity

Kids write the darnedest poetry. A child sees the world through her eye of imagination. She sees ordinary things as the wonders they really are. He thinks in possibilities.

Introducing poetry to preschoolers ' will encourage and nurture creative expression, while their unfettered imagination permits them to "be" their surroundings. Soon enough, some well-meaning person will enlighten your kid he can 't be a mountain or purple.

Poetry is a process. You can 't teach a child to write a poem in the same manner as teaching 2x2=4. Begin by reading children 's poetry to them. Strangely, little kids prefer funny, rhyming poems.

We suggest:

• Anything by Shel Silverstein, such as – "Falling Up",
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His river contains bubbles to ride into outer space. It talks in short splatters.

Kids do not need (or understand) elaborate rules about meter, syllables or rhyming schemes. The purpose of poetry field trips is to allow. Allow your child to unlock his creative potential; develop awareness through observation; enjoy big FUN. Kids cannot achieve greatness when confined by boundaries.

Allow them to write Free Verse. Give really simple instructions such as: today we are taking a field trip to explore the natural world. Find something interesting – a wildflower, a tree, an unusual stone.

What color is it? How does it feel to touch? What does it smell like? What do you think it would taste like? Collect words as they come to you.

Remind your child that poetry does not have to rhyme. Trying to find rhyming words can wreck the creative process. When they read their efforts to you, be prepared to be surprised.

Like did you ever realize a wild rose is velvety, like a chocolate cupcake? Or, that its thorns are like tiny stair steps fairies climb to their
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Find examples of color poems at:

Forms of Poetry

The scope of this article does not allow for exploring forms of poetry, such as: cinquain, haiku, tanka, etc. Instead, we chose to focus on easy forms, just right for preschoolers - free verse and sensory.

Your staff at More4kids recommends Kenn Nesbitt 's comprehensive website, containing poems for kids, forms of poetry, poetry lessons and more:

Bottom Line:

Kids spend entirely too much time indoors, playing with their computer. They are losing their gift of imagination too soon. Imagination unlocks creativity. Kid 's poetry offers the perfect key.

On poetry field trips, kids learn a new language by focusing on the world around them. Poems will grow naturally while they lean against a wise, old tree or gaze at the night sky.

We believe poetry is more rewarding to the child who practices in the safety and comfort of home. No judgments, no grades, no "constructive criticism" allows your kid to fully explore her creative potential, without fears of censorship.
Praise your kid 's delicious poetry. His self-confidence will grow exponentially.

You may be nurturing a future

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