Kidney Cancer : The Most Common Type Of Cancer Essay

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Kidney Cancer In 2016, about 1,685,210 people will receive the message that no one wants to receive. They will be given the horrifying message “You have cancer.” Cancer is caused by the inability of a cell to stop dividing in the cell cycle. This causes the cells to be mutated and abnormal. Then, they can form solid malignant tumors, which can be anywhere in the body. Out of those 1,685,210 unfortunate people diagnosed with cancer, about 62,700 of them will be diagnosed with kidney cancer. Kidney cancer is defined as cancer that starts in the kidneys due to cells in the body beginning to grow out of control ( Although there are many different kinds of kidney cancer, the most common is renal cell ( Kidney cancer is also the 12th most common type of cancer. Fortunately, there is a plethora of research being done in order to try and make this disease be completely curable. This research specifically highlights the risks, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment actions. There are many risks factors that are tied alongside kidney cancer. Kidney cancer is more commonly found in males over 40, ones who smoke, or ones with a family history of the cancer (Webmd). Furthermore, some people with the conditions Von-Hippe-Cindau or Hereditary Papillary RCC are also at a higher risk of developing kidney cancer. Von-Hippe-Cindau causes tumors to grow in more than one part of one’s body, and Papillary RCC is linked to changes in certain genes…

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