Kidnapping Is A Lesser Form Of Deprivation Of Liberty? Essay

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False imprisonment is defined as “intentionally confining or restraining another person without their consent” by a typical statute regarding the crime. This crime doesn’t require that the offender actually remove the victim from where they were when the crime was committed. This crime is a lesser form of deprivation of liberty than is kidnapping because the time frame is usually shorter and the events are somewhat less stressful(page 426). Kidnapping is defined as the taking and carrying away of another person with the intent to deprive that person of personal liberty. Kidnapping is a more serious crime and can be carried out with differing degrees, simple and aggravated. If a police officer makes an illegal arrest, perhaps with no intent to actually book the “offender”, and detains the individual, say inside a squad car, with no true purpose or suspicion of a crime then they have just falsely imprisoned that person and may be facing charges their self. Another example of false imprisonment could be in the case of a home invasion where the offender forces the homeowner to remain in the house while they steal the owner’s belongings. In some states however, this act may be just enough to charge the offender with kidnapping even though the perpetrator did not actually abscond with the victim. Kidnapping can quickly become a federal crime if the victim is forced by the offender over state lines. The many purposes of kidnapping, primarily aggravated, include ransom…

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