Kid Nobody Could Handle Essay

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In the short story, The Kid Nobody Could Handle, by Kurt Vonnegut, the main character of the story is George Helmholtz. He lives in a small town with his wife, is the head of the music department at the local high school and the director of the band. He is the most important person in the story because he is the only one, not psychiatrists, and foster parents, to make a difference in Jim's life. Throughout the story, George is determined and hopeful, lonely, and fixated with the beauty of music.
<br>George Helmholtz, as the head of the music department at Lincoln High School, is very determined with his regular students and the gifted musicians of the band. Each semester and year at school he dreams of "leading as fine a band as there
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However, there is the times when, by choice or not, he is lonely.
<br>Lastly, the most important thing in George's life is the beauty of music. He has a nightmare in the middle of the night, about what could have happened to the music room, "The monster clawed to shreds the heads of the biggest drum in the state. Helmholtz woke up howling". He headed to the school, there he reflected on the beauty of his instruments, "As he polished he could hear the great horns roaring, could see

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