Kid Kustomers- Advertising Essay

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The original definition of the word “advertising” does not look that bad. It is simply explained as “calling the attention of the public to a product or business.” However, the advertising companies usually abuse the real meaning of advertising and try to sell their product no matter what it takes to do so. It is very hard not to notice advertisement in today’s world. The commercials, the adds, the posters are everywhere; from TV, newspapers magazines and billboards to even a bus that is taking us to work everyday. Advertising companies know exactly how to get into our heads and how to convince us to buy their product instead of thousands of the different ones. No one can argue that advertising is influential, but there are a lot of …show more content…
How is concealing those important facts beneficial? If the advertisers are not hiding the truth, they are simply overstating the benefits of a certain product. Just like in a Kellogg’s commercial “one of their highest recommendations is to eat high-fiber foods. If you compare, you’ll find Kellogg’s All-Brand has nine grams of fiber per serving. No other cereal has more. So start your day with a bowl of Kellogg’s All-Brand!” (Calfee 212) Those ads saw the daylight almost the next day the National Cancer Institutions publicized the research which suggested that eating more fiber can protect you from getting cancer. The ads and commercials did not suggest anything; it seemed like eating Kellogg’s cereal automatically prevented consumers from getting cancer. Also there is a very good reason why Calfee didn’t mention the most controversial and attacked advertising company McDonald’s in his essay. He knew perfectly that McDonald’s is being way over the limit with continuous commercials. Everyone knows that fast food is not good for you, with advertising they try to convince us to buy it anyway. In most of the cases it works. Fast food companies are very popular, because their food tastes good (thanks to all of the spices) and is very convenient (McDonald’s is almost on every corner, and their food is served very fast). However, it is very unhealthy. We can

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