Analysis Of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: The Logic Of War

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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the logic of war Basically war is a conflict between two sovereign countries or a fight for independent. War has negative impact over the society. If there is war between two countries, people get killed, hungry, and there is no development. Selfishness is the most reason of war, on the other hand some people involve on war to get their independent. Mohammed claims there is language behind any war. When he said the language of war is killing, he is trying to say there is always a victim. He is not considering himself as a hero, but he considers himself as the American enemy. He argues that Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist. Mohammed considers Osama as a freedom fighter like Georg Washington. Both individuals are a freedom fighter for their countries as Mohammed believes. Georg preferred to fight Britain directly to get his independent, but Osama preferred to fight against the USA by jackal’s fighting in the night in order to get his freedom which mean Osama send suicide bomber to the America. Mohammed knows killing people are morally wrong, but he killed Americans to awakening in America to stop foreign policy on his land. …show more content…
Many people have been killed. In fact America were bombed Iraq and many people were killed. As Mohammed logic many Muslims were oppressed by the USA so, Osama terrorized the America to teach them a lesson about how loosing family member feels like. Killing people are prohibited in Islam, but Mohammed kills people. This is unethically. “I want to make a great awakening in America to stop foreign policy in our land.” (256). this is Mohammed emotions in order to stop America about foreign policy. This is emotion is wrong because it’s the reason of many innocent people

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