Khaled Hosseini 's The Kite Runner Essay

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Throughout The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini there is a lot of change with the main character Amir. His servant and half-brother, Hassan, have experienced many changes growing up. They both had to learn to adapt and discover their true self’s.
Amir father, Baba, a rich and respected Afghan, with Baba success Amir has grown up getting what he wants. That’s not all Amir wanted, he lacks emotional connection with Baba, over hearing his father talk to his friend Amir Jan, “there is something missing in that boy” (22) this devastate Amir. As a young boy, Amir lost his mother during child birth, and holding the guilt of “I had killed his beloved wife” (19), later this caused jealousy towards people getting Baba affection.
A childhood friend and servant, Hassan was always receiving more affection from Baba, this just provoked Amir to act out of jealousy. For Hassan birthday Baba got him a surgeon to fix his cleft lip, "I wished I too had a scar that would beget Baba 's sympathy. It wasn 't fair." (46) this didn’t make since to Amir, Hassan had done nothing to receive Baba affection. Hassan respected Amir friendship “Everywhere I turned, I saw signs of his loyalty, his goddamn unwavering loyalty.” (89) This antagonized Amir because he disliked Hassan loyalty to Amir, he felt he did not deserve it. He feels he cannot give that same undying loyalty because of his cowardly actions on that cruel day in the Alley. The self-centered side of Amir came out that cruel day in the alley…

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