Essay about Khaled Hosseini 's ' Kite Runner '

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In the book Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Hassan serves as the main embodiment of courage and fortitude that makes the reader feel as though he is the hero of the novel. His selfless personality made him always emphasize others over himself, making him a faithful companion of Amir. Hassan’s bravery led him to eventually sacrifice himself to protect Amir and his family. Hassan first shows his bravery and fortitude in Chapter Five where he and Amir encounter Assef while crossing a residential street. Assef tells Hassan, a Hazara, that he wants to “... rid Afghanistan of all the dirty, kasseef Hazaras.” (40). Assef then slips on his brass knuckles and raises his fist to strike Amir for being with a Hazara. Suddenly, Hassan pulled out his slingshot and pointed it directly at Assef’s face while telling him to “Please leave us alone, Agha.” (42). This instinctual reaction is noteworthy for the reason that Hassan is a slave to Amir, and without his courageous mentality he would otherwise have no obligation to risk his life to save Amir. Assef responds to this threat by saying “Maybe you didn’t notice, but there are three of us and two of you.” Hassan shrugs and replies “You are right, Agha. But perhaps you didn’t notice that I’m the one holding the slingshot.” Amir notes that Hassan didn’t look scared to an outsider, but showed subtle twitches and flickers in his face that revealed that he was scared (42). Amir’s observance helps to define Hassan’s fortitude by describing him…

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