Essay on Khaled Hosseini 's A Thousand Splendid Suns

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From the time of birth endurance becomes a key part of life. Most people only endure small things which seem big to them because they don 't know much else. Others are not as lucky and endurance becomes life or death. I have personally endured things from breaking bones to the death of loved ones. Khaled Hosseini portrays many types of endurance on the journey through the two main characters’ lives with the literary devices and word choice he uses in his novel A Thousand Splendid Suns. Both Laila and Mariam, although coming from completely different backgrounds in Afghanistan, find each other with very similar hardships. They survive through unimaginable physical and mental abuse, wars and loss in their lives. They endure life with little freedom and stability in their worlds, and it 's only with hope, love and support that they are able to do this.
Laila’s strength to endure comes from her love for her children. The main love in Laila’s life is her children. When Rasheed, Mariam and Laila’s husband, takes Laila to the hospital to give birth, the hospital is in terrible condition. They all must wait a very long time for Laila to be accepted into the operating room. When the doctor sympathetically tells Laila that the hospital has no anesthetic, Laila shows how brave she is and decides to power through the pain: “‘Then cut me open,’... She dropped back on the bed and drew up her knees. ‘Cut me open and give me my baby’”(Hosseini 291). This shows how much she is willing to…

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