Kh Business Partner, Mentor, Father Essay

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Rahim Khan: Business Partner, Mentor, Father?

In many works of fiction, the protagonist is guided by a mentor figure who has a big influence on the actions of the protagonist. One such example of this is in Khaled Husseini’s novel The Kite Runner. Amir, the protagonist, sees his father’s friend, Rahim Khan, as a father-like figure, and Rahim Khan helps teach Amir the set of morals that he keeps with him over the course of the book. Rahim Khan encouraged talents he saw in Amir as a child that eventually grew into a successful, enjoyable career. He was even the biggest cause for Amir to return to Pakistan and redeem himself for his sins as a child. Rahim Khan’s role as a moral mentor in Amir’s life greatly impacted the story of The Kite Runner, so much so that without Rahim Khan, the story would have ended after Amir and Soraya’s marriage, and his presence was used to show that a mentor can also be a father. In his childhood, Amir looked up to Rahim Khan as a father. This relationship stayed very strong until Baba and Amir left the country. Although Amir and Rahim Khan had no communication for almost forty years, his effect on Amir was prominent. Although Baba was technically Amir’s father, it is shown that Amir did not see him that way until much later in his childhood. This can be proven by analyzing Amir’s emotions during his 13th birthday party. Amir’s party had well over 400 guests, a party that Amir believed was so big because of his performance at the Kite…

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