Essay on Keystone Xl Pipeline Proposal : A Step Backward

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Keystone XL Pipeline Proposal: A Step Backward

A pipeline through our country to supply our need for crude oil is a backward concept, as we should be working toward a clean renewable energy source. Our current reliance on crude oil has us in a panic to find ways to obtain this crude oil with cheaper and easier methods. The Keystone XL Pipeline Plan will not be a cheap and easy way to obtain more fossil fuel and it will cause more damage to our environment and climate as well as harm our safety and economy.
In 2005 of a plan for a pipeline for transporting tar sands from Alberta Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas was announced and in 20012 TransCanada applied for a permit to start the building process for the second phase of the Keystone Pipeline named Keystone XL pipeline. The first phase, Keystone pipeline is already in service and runs from Oklahoma to Texas.
Tar sands is natural bitumen in oil sands made up of sand and clay embedded with heavy crude oil. This crude oil is dirty and needs to cleaned and refined before it can be used for fuel and energy. The process involves collecting the tar sands by digging up the earth in Alberta and transporting it by pipeline across the United States to Texas. Once in Texas it is refined and is proposed to be shipped overseas for a bigger profit than keeping it the U.S. Alberta Canada has the largest accumulated deposit of oil on its land.
Opponents of the pipeline suggest some serious environmental issues with the construction…

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