Key Trends In The Global Meetings And Events Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Data analysis and technological tools are the vehicles of choice for the future development of the meeting and event industry.
Event budgets are slowly expanding as globalization and a transforming business landscape dictate the need to expand networking circles and investigate sector specific challenging topics.
Within this cautious optimism as it applies to designing events, two key topics are commonly addressed right at the conception of the event: * Sensitivity of the attendee’s time commitment and attention span * A desire for quality vs quantity: making sure the right people are in the room rather than the most.
Data analytics, or big data coupled with technology trends address these concerns while providing the enhancements needed as outlined in the first trend. First, let’s take a look at big data.
Big data is not a new concept, rather a grand innovation of an old one. Throughout time, mankind has managed to maintained records and data in some form. However, in the decade since the internet, our world has become increasingly quantified and more recently tracked through our website activities, purchases and mobile
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The events industry has recently embraced online registration and web based attendee management. The next evolution includes a greater reliance on social media and mobile event applications.
Social media has gained traction as an effective tool for event promotion, marketing and event communication. Twitter and Facebook are no longer seen as exclusively for Millennials and rather as inexpensive and commonly used outlets for connection.
Mobile event apps were first adopted during the ‘green meetings’ effort about 5-7 years ago to avoid the high useage of paper during events. It was limited to certain industries predisposed towards technology at the time. Today, even the most ardent technophobe most likely has a smartphone, so event apps have seen a resurgence beyond being paperless and networking. American Express noted in their 2016 Global meeting and events forecast, that training meetings are expected to rise by 15% globally in 2016. Some event apps have the capacity to track continuing education units (CEU) which is a value add to participants attending events to satisfy

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