Essay on Key Steps For A College Student

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Being new to college studying, the amount of reading that is expected and has to be gathered from this can be intimidating. Becoming an active reader applying what is taught can sometimes seem time consuming and complicated. However, it gets easier and faster with practice and work. What once appeared to be an impossible task, grows into something possible when developing the knowledge. Active readers have a tendency to remember and understand the information better. Learning the methods will help with recalling material being read, at the same point saving time and frustration. Actively reading involves knowing what one wants to learn from the textbook highlighting the important parts and retaining it to memory. There are four steps in place to help assist a college student to read and learn while encouraging studying from a textbook these are; previewing, strategies for marking, reading with concentration, and reviewing. Most people will not go on a vacation without preparing and gathering information on the trip. Trying to find out what to do in advance, so that there is an awareness of what to expect and what other information that may need to be obtained. Previewing a textbook accomplishes much the same. The main purpose for previewing is to link what is being read to what is already known and being taught. Accomplishing this requires several steps. Reading the introduction paragraph quickly for the chapter gives a basic idea of what is to be understood. While…

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