Bits Of Wood

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Roxton 1
Evan Roxton
English 2H Per. 6
14 August 2017
Sembene, Ousmane. God's Bits of Wood. Heineman Publishers (Pty) Ltd, 1960.
Set in the 1940’s
Sembene Ousmane 1923-2007
Key Quotations
“Real misfortune is not just a matter of being hungry and thirsty; it is a matter of knowing that there are people who want you to be hungry and thirsty” This quote sets the stage for the whole book showing that the reason to be angry is not simply that there are no resources, but that they are being kept from the indigenous people. The whole struggle of the story comes from people fighting against the management even through hunger. This quote shows that the management is willing to deny critical resources to stop the strike. "The faces seemed to have lost all trace of personality. As if some giant eraser had rubbed out their individual traits…” At this point, the
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Still despises the management taking advantage of the natives.
Diara: The first man to go back to work. He was put on trial by the workers and served as an example that strengthened their resolve.
The main conflict in God’s Bits of Wood is person vs society, that of the strikers versus the management and the society that they represent. The strikers never face a consistent person working against them; their only real enemy is the society that allows racist practices to go on. The workers deal with the police, local management, and regional government. This constant shift in opposing forces shows that it is the society which the strikers are working against and not any single person.
Point of View
The story of God’s bits of wood is told through one third person omniscient narrator. This point of view allows us to see more sides of the story without having to worry whether the narrator is reliable or not. It also gives us the ability to see more of the difficulties different


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