Key Questions: Gardner's Multiple Intelligences In The Classroom

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Key Questions
All of my key questions require lower-level thinking due to the lesson being an introduction to a new unit. In order for the teacher to determine if students understand the lesson, students should be able to recall facts, terms, and observations, which is why all my questions are remembering based. Once students conquer that part of the unit, they can think on a higher-level for the following lessons.
Following Lesson The next segment will introduce constellations into the list of various objects in the universe. Before beginning the new lesson, the teacher will play the planet song to activate students’ prior knowledge. The teacher will have students share other objects that are found in the universe while scaffolding student
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Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence provides teachers with creative learning opportunities for students. I decided to use four out of the eight Multiple Intelligences to help enhance each student’s mind on the universe. This not only makes learning fun, but it also helps students relate to the content by physically doing activities they enjoy, such as playing in the classroom, writing letters, and drawing. Gardner’s strategies also contribute to differentiated instruction. In the last part of my lesson, I allow students to pick one task out of three options. This allows students to pick the task they are most interested in, which keeps them engaged in the lesson. As for Cooperative Learning, which is part of Vygotsky’s learning theory, students are given the chance to work in groups and share ideas while improving their own learning. Lastly, the Bloom’s Taxonomy helps create different levels of questions for the students to think on a higher …show more content…
I used Pinterest, Google, YouTube and Amazon to locate appropriate activities to teach the lesson. On Pinterest and Google, I found worksheets, a learning website, and different activity ideas, such as modeling the solar system. On Amazon, I found a PBS Kids series, “Ready Jet Go,” that focuses on Earth science and astronomy. The series touches upon every learning segment in unit four, which is why I would incorporate the corresponding video into each lesson. As for YouTube, I found a video of a rocket launching into space and a planet song. Each resource heled me prepare a lesson that was educational and fun.
Final Commentary
Overall, my science lesson is an introduction of the universe that defines terms to help students understand the following segments in unit four. The characteristics of my lesson consists of an engaging anticipatory set, procedures with effective learning strategies, and a clear closure that summarizes the lesson. I incorporated fun, interactive activities while also designing my lesson to support diverse and English-Language learners. All in all, I constructed a science lesson that enhances first graders’ knowledge on the

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